5 Reasons Why FRIENDSTER Sucks

1.) The first and most fundamental problem is that anyone more than two links away from you is basically a stranger – you don’t have any friends in common with that person, so there isn’t anyone who can act as a trusted introducer.

2.) Because of that limiting effect, there’s an incentive for you to form spurious “friend” links with strangers, because that will expand your network and allow you access to other strangers you might want to date.

3.) Even the searches that are provided, don’t work. At the moment there’s a geographic search, but it only works in circle centered on your postal code.

4.) The rules regarding appropriate profile content are not enforced. One of the very few people listed as a female in my area, was someone who had filled “her” profile with images of a model obviously stolen from a porn site, most of them sexually explicit.

5.) Lastly, They banned me from profile commenting,  Add as a friend, Send message, and photo commenting without any acknowledgment.

The bottom line is that if Friendster wants to survive, and especially if it wants me to pay for an account when it eventually becomes a pay site, it has to come up with some solutions to its problems.

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  1. yes, it is very much indeed true with all of those above stated anomalies in friendster , if it is their main reason is that they cannot control these issues because they have lots of members then why build a website if you can’t manage it.

    I thought sexually explicit photos in friendster is not allowed then why some of the members can still post nude photos in their profile? hmm..it seems they are breaking their own rules isn’t it?

    My bf is not only the one who is experiencing this kind of problem go to friendster forum and see it for yourself how many of them have queries about it

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