About Me

Skills Summary:

  1. Advance in PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, XML, AJAX, MYSQL, SQL, MS Access, PHOTOSHOP, Search Engine Optimization, System Administration, LINK Building, Script Installation, System Tester, Content Management System Software, E-Commerce Software, Website Security, Social Networking Script, PHP Frameworks, Blog System, Leads Tracking System, Web System Analysis, Database Administration, FTP Software, Software Editing . Knowledgeable in Oscommerce, Soholaunch, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc..
  2. Intermediate in Visual Basic, ASP, Flash, Fireworks, Imageready, PC troubleshooting and Networking.

My Keys:

Filipino webmaster,Programmer Philippines, Computer Programmer, IDX webdesigns programmer, STI teacher, Codes, HTML, XHTMl, XML, Ajax, PHP, CSS, SEO, Javascript, Photoshop, Marketing, project Analyst, System Administrator, Davao, Lanang, Websites, QA, Data Entry, Joomla, CMS, Web Issues, Web Concerns, Web programming


When I am at my best, I tend to be very logical. I assess a situation and act accordingly, without being blinded by emotion, peer pressure or outside influences.

I am also very passionate about my views, my pursuits and my sincere expression of opinion. It seems that in tight situations, I am perceived as the emergent leader.

I am able to persuade others while acting graciously, maturely and decisively.  I not only respond well to pressure, but I thrive under it. When I am at my best, I am also very loyal, helpful and generous.

I am willing to help others and willing to take the lead when needed. In stressful or critical situations, I am clear-headed, rational and courageous. At my very best, I am sociable, outgoing and accepting of others.

I am tolerant of differences but tend to try to change opinions and seek acceptance of my own. I have the ability to be influential over others and persuasive when it is important. I seek to gain much information about a situation at hand and act as logically, swiftly and selflessly as I can. When I am acting as my best self, I help others to succeed.

I have a sincere desire to make the best of every situation and to make others see the good in things. My social aptitudes, logical behavior and leadership qualities tend to make me appear credible in the eyes of others, and for this reason, people tend to look to me in troubled times. Looking at things with a balance of compassion and intellect is something that is a great source of pride for me.