Tips on making authorizenet work in Joomla/VirtueMart

From Virtuemart Forum by Rowby Goren

The documentation on activating authorizenet is horribly sparse, but authorizenet does indeed work. I made it work just now.

The good news is IT’s EASY!

Here are step by step instructions on how to do it.  (Others are invited to jump in with their comments.)

1)  Make sure your hosting company has  PHP 4.0.2 or later, with cURL extension (with OpenSSL support). If you are not sure, contact your hosting company.  This is essential.

2)  In the VirtueMart control panel, click on List Payment Methods.  Make sure Credit Card is active.

3) Click on Credit Card.  Make sure the cards (Visa, Mastercard, whatever) you have set up with your account are checkmarked, and the other cards are not checkmarked.

4) Click on Configuration tab.  Type in your Login ID.  Keep it in Test mode for now. Click “Show/Change the Transaction Key” button.

5) Where it says “Please type in your User Password:” enter your JOOMLA user password that you have previously set up on your site. (NOT the password.)

6)  A box will appear where you enter the Authorizenet’s current transaction key.  In the bottom box re-enter your Joomla user password.  Save the panel.   (***)

7)  Make sure Authorizenet is in TEST mode  by logging into your authorizenet account at

8   Go to your store and do  a TEST order.  Use the following TEST credit card to do your authorizenet test. Note: The below card only works in TEST mode and will return an error in live mode.)

5424000000000015 MasterCard.   Use any fake name and use any date after today’s date as the card expiration date.

9) Once the above works, go to and change your account from TEST to LIVE.  And go into the Virtuemart Credit Card configuration tab and change authorizenet from TEST to LIVE.

10) Then do a test charge with a real card.  You can go back to and VOID that card charge if you do it before the settlement process takes place.

*** NOTE: You get your transaction key by logging into your account and creating one under Authorizenet’s Settings and Profile link> Obtain Transaction Key link.

ANOTHER NOTE: Interestingly, the above worked WITHOUT the test site using a secure certificate.  However I strongly suggest you set up a secure certificate for your site.

That’s it!

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10 Responses to “Tips on making authorizenet work in Joomla/VirtueMart”

  1. Hercules says:


    When I’m LIVE on authorize and TEST on Virtuemart transaction work … I’m getting Thank you for your order.

    when I have LIVE and Virtuemart LIVE I’m getting this:

    Error: 2-2-205-P—This transaction has been declined
    Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (ps_authorize)

    Can you help?

  2. You must be some settings that need change or allow the live transaction..please email me for more details

  3. Chandra says:

    Rocky Thanks man, this info was really valuable. Great blog by the way :))

  4. Vincent says:

    Rocky Thanks very much for this very clear and easy to follow guide!
    I was having some trouble but following your post made it work perfectly!
    Much Thanks for your help buddy 🙂

  5. Ganesh says:

    I need a merchant account and a payment gateway for my web based business.
    We operate from coimbatore,India.
    From what I gather:
    * Paypal is considered unprofessional – so not an option
    * works with any MSP (merchant service provider)
    Someone told authorizenet is doesnot working for indian it possible?give someother payment gateway for virtumart..thats should be esay to implement…thanks in advance…

  6. Isadora Valine says:

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  7. kid says:


    I tried looking for the CREDIT CARD in the List of Payments in VM, but i can’t see the CREDIT CARD option. Were do i enable it?

  8. Jenn says:

    Just an fyi your site is redirected to a porn site when using iPhone

  9. Liliana says:

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  10. Dave says:

    Good instructions. Well laid out an clear, but it is for very early versions of Virtuemart.
    Would be helpful if you updated these instructions for using Virtuemart version 3.2.14 as VM configuration has been changed.
    Much thanks

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