Web Programmer: Job Description

A web programmer or coder is the person who writes the code and backend functionality of websites and web based software. The most common programming languages are PHP, Java, .NET and most recently Ruby On Rails and Python. PHP is by far the most common and is very easy to program in.

Job Description: Web Programmer

Responsibilities of programmer:

1) Arrive on time and prepared to work – as directed by manager.
2) Be courteous and respectful of all  customers and employees.
3) Document all work – billable and non-billable time as directed
4) Meet billable time targets as directed by management.
5) Ask questions of your supervisor if you have questions.
6) Work in a team environment to complete projects in a timely manner. Must be
able to work independently as well.
7) Strong time management and organizational skills with the ability to multitask.
8) Desire to stay up-to-date on current and emerging technologies.


 At least a Bachelor degree in a computer-related field (computer
 Advanced knowledge of standards-based XHTML and CSS coding (not
 Advanced knowledge of programming languages including PHP, Perl, ASP, SQL,
VB, C++, and XML.
 Extensive experience developing databases.
 Experience with both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.
 Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
 Experience with web-based software applications.
 Above average written and verbal communication skills.
 Web development related certifications highly desirable.

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