iPhone vs. iPad: 20 games compared

The iPad is several items to numerous people, but the area where it stands to make the most change is in mobile gaming.

Until now, gamers have been left with two quite various possibilities for mobile gaming. One is user portables like the Sony PlayStation Portable and also the Nintendo DS. The other would be to lug around a beefy laptop for games, which can work just fine but be a burden on your body and nomadic lifestyle.

The same way the iPhone shook things up for the world of mobile phones, the iPad could end up performing the very same for portable gaming. Its huge touch screen and cellular data connectivity (at the least about the 3G models) will no doubt aid in launching new and favorite franchises. There’s even a patent filing from 2008 that could bring docking hardware that would add real tactile buttons and an analog joystick.

Until that day arrives, you can find a handful of games at launch which are merely iterations of existing iPhone games. We’ve rounded up 20 that may be identified on both platforms. Then we stuck them side by side so you’ll be able to see the differences.

The two big caveats with this slideshow are that:
1) Our photo viewer doesn’t currently let you see full-size, pixel-for-pixel screenshots
2) We didn’t begin out with those anyway–at least for the iPad.

All the shots you see (with a few exceptions) are the ones provided by the developer, and observed within the App Store. With that warning aside, click about the slideshow link below to see the differences.

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