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Q: How do I jailbreak my ipad and what are its rewards?

A: Technews will not encourage jailbreaking or unlocking any product. This post is purely for educational purposes and does not in any way suggest that you hack your system. This procedure may well render your unit unusable. Ought to you decide to jailbreak your gadget, do so at your own risk.

A: I applied a software known as Spirit to jailbreak my apple ipad. Spirit could be the universal tool for jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad. This may be the easiest method to jailbreak a product, it’s accessible for download for both Windows and Mac OS X.

With a jailbroken apple ipad you may now add apps that aren’t accessible from the App Shop. In my case, I have added mouse help and now I am working on adding an external storage for my ipad. (Art Samaniego, MB)

Apple iPad Apps: Tweaking the Keyboard

Typing documents about the iPad’s touch display keyboard might be a chore. As I wrote in an article earlier this month, a person solution would be to pair up an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard using the apple ipad.

But for on-the-go writing, there’s an apple ipad app that might make it simpler.

Several individuals come across the apple ipad keyboard too huge. Keyboard Upgrade ($1 from the iTunes app shop), which appears atop a blank white display, permits you to adjust the size of the keyboard. But the primary attraction is that it lets you split the keyboard into two halves, to ensure that your hands are not locked into a single position.

There’s also a feature that allows you to rotate the keyboard pieces and to move them about.

But it is far from a perfect replacement for a real keyboard, and in the app form, one particular must copy and paste any documents or writings to a file that accepts text.

Still, is it worth the price of a single Milky Way bar to audition? Yes, and it has no calories. (By Stephen Williams, NYT)

Charging the ipad

Q: I know it comes with its very own A.C. adapter, but can I charge my apple ipad with the same little white charger that came with my iPhone too? I want to leave a person charger inside the office and one particular at house.

A: According to a note on Apple’s support internet site, you can use the iPhone’s small white cube of a charger and its USB cable to juice up the larger apple ipad. But the apple ipad will charge much more slowly than it does should you use the standard 10-watt AC adapter than came inside the box with it.

Some pc USB ports have only sufficient energy to charge the ipad when it is in Sleep mode — and also the computer system itself ought to be awake. When you plug the ipad into the computer system and see a “Not Charging” message on the top right corner, your personal computer doesn’t have enough power in its USB ports to charge the tablet when it’s on.

Press the iPad’s Sleep/Wake button to turn off the display and let it quietly recharge.

You may possibly would like to periodically check on it to make certain you’re acquiring a trickle of charge to the tablet’s battery. Some newer computers, like the latest desktop iMacs, have USB ports that can power up the apple ipad, even when it’s awake. (By J.D. BIERSDORFER, NYT)

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