@font-face Generator: Embedding Any Font Face on your Web Page

Why Use Embedded Fonts?

Because a font is an operating system resource, not a browser resource. If you have an unusual font installed on your PC, it’s easy to design a website and include that font. You can see it because the font is installed on your operating system. But if your visitors don’t have it installed too, their browsers will display their default font instead.

From a page designer’s perspective, this is a big weakness. You want pages to display like you intend, but can’t control an individual browser’s display . No matter how carefully you lay out your page with a particular font, you’re at the mercy of the user’s browser when the page is displayed.

That’s where @font-face Generator come in: with them, you don’t have to worry about browsers defaulting to a more common font. Instead, your font downloads along with the page. This generator is really useful and indeed works really great. Try it for yourself..

You can also download bunch of fonts here

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